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  • 12 July 2018 05:14:14 PM
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As you of whom may have come here to this IP address to checkout the forum software currently in development. I will be open sourcing this software later when I believe it is in a ready state. Featurewisethough the forum will be light weight and will only contain the few features it needs to operate as a fully functional forum software. This means that I will not be adding in a Plugin system. If you want to develope such plugins for this system you will need to write tutorials on how to add your python code and or files to the system and how to intagrate them into it so they will function correctly.

plugin themselve cause to many headaches in the development world. Not really for the developers themselfs but for the source maintainer of the forum software. As plugin systems generally cuase more security issues than they are worth so it is just better to not have them and add in source directly. This way you

  1. can see the source code so you can avoid bad code.
  2. This forces plugins to be more open source which allows others to further expand or helpout
  3. This forces users who want to manage a forum software to learn how to program and better manage the forum software.

I might write a tutorial or too to add more functionality to the forum software but for now it iwll be a basic shell. As not everyone wants 1000 features added to software.


As a side note The current forum software has:

  • Private Messages
  • Administrative Center
  • Specialized permissions editor which can easily be added to or from for new additions
  • Board and category editor. You can have sub boards up to one deep only. This helps speed up the boards and reduces overall database size.
  • Group Management
  • Who is online
  • Ckeditor for Posts, Signature and Private messages.
  • Moderator sticky, move, delete for topics.
  • Warning system
  • Admin information with recount. just in case you edit the database directly  and need ot recount posts etc.
  • Logs