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  • 07 October 2018 07:01:04 AM
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So I have added with the help of stephan, Celery, To run async tasks outside of the uwsgi environment. This should make user deletion and other tasks more smooth. The downside there is no javascript setup to auto reload the page when a task is completed. Which is possible to detect with celery =]. Anyways I still need to finish Mass emailing, and user data exportation. But the terms and such have been added. Permission check boxes added as well. User deletion will delete Everything, However It will not delete the user or their email if they are banned. This is acceptable by GDPR as it prevents misuse and protects your users from abuse. You can only hold on to their data if they request a delete for as long as it is necessary to protect your users and forums from the said abuser and for as long as the ban was set for originally.

So What’s Left List?

  1. Theme Makeover
  2. Default Theme For release
  3. Mass Emailer
  4. User Data Export
  5. user hide option, prevents PM and being viewed in user list.
  6. Sent PM inbox

What was fixed or Added?

  1. User register, last post, pm dates
  2. Log and Warning Dates
  3. User Data permissions
  4. Terms of Service and Agreement
  5. Terms and agreement force Agreement if changed
  6. Admin created users Password changed from password to newpassword
  7. tasks created for reset term, privacy, board counts and user counts.

We do not need to expose that the forum stores cookies internally or externally unless its being used for marketing, which it is not.

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